Saturday, December 3, 2016

Productive Saturday


My weekends usually was doing chores at home every Saturday and doing a community service at Single's for Christ every Sunday.

Today (Saturday) I woke up around 10 am. This is my everyday wake up time, I am guilty of not being able to wake up very early except Sunday which is I woke up around 6 am.

My first chore that I did today was cleaning the living area. What I usually do is remove the dust of the appliances and other souvenirs plus cleaning the floor. But today was different, I saw that our divider display was very dirty already and need a thorough cleaning and arrangement.

This is the result of the cleaning I did. See below:

We are watching TV Patrol of ABS-CBN when I took this photo, hehe. You will notice that my computer desk is beside it, I am planning to buy a new desk soon if I have more funds, actually I regret not able to buy it when I received my 13th month pay. But enough of regret, I don't want to think about it anymore because it will make me sad :(

After cleaning the living room, I did wash my clothes. For the past 4 weeks I see to it that I wash my clothes every Saturday. Before, I am washing my clothes every 2 weeks and I realized that it made me more tired after doing it. For that 2 weeks more clothes should be washed so i decrease it to 1 week only, less clothes and less tiredness.

I am planning to watch a movie later in the evening :) How about you? How did your Saturday go?

Thanks and Be Blessed!



  1. wow sis, ganda ng living room nyo. Frustrations ko maglagay ng bulaklak at maayos ko living room namin, kainis kasi puro lalaki ang kasama ko sa bahay dagdagan pa ng napakulit kong pamangkin, heheh. Thumbs up sis!

  2. Hehe thank you Sis Grace :) Baliktad pala tayo, eh ikaw puros lalaki ang kasama sa bahay eh kami naman eh walang lalaking kasama sa bahay, hehe.